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การรักษา - Mange


Veronica - Before

Veronica is one of many half-starved dogs we find and rescue with this horrible disease 'mange'.

Her owner is typical of poor local dog lovers. Stray dogs arrive at their house, and they feed them. Often they don't have enough food to keep them strong and healthy or enough money to neuter them, so puppies including Veronica are born and soon become weak and unhealthy. These puppies are bullied by the stronger dogs, so they only manage to get tiny amounts of food. Their immune system weakens and the mange mites start to attack causing inflammation and terrible sores.

veronic with mange 2
Amazing Veronica with fur

Veronica - After

Veronica was given a Nexgard oral de-tick tab and a week's course of antibiotics and extra food over four months.  Her sores healed, replaced by black skin which in turn disappeared under soft downy fur, and her eyes became bright.  Veronica is another example of how quickly a dog can recover from this painful disease when given the correct treatment and good food.

Bertie -Before

We saw Bertie running into the undergrowth suffering from terrible mange and an eye wound. 

Bertie's extremely distended bloated stomach was due to a lack of water. The vet said his stomach was full of food and his intestines were full of poop. We gave him soup regularly and milk to help alleviate his constipation. 

He was very hot with a temperature of 39.8 C which was due to his bad skin condition. We wrapped wet towels around him for several minutes every day which helped cool him. He was also given antibiotics and his skin was treated with coconut oil and cedar wood which made a great improvement.

Bertie - healed

Bertie - After

Puppy Bertie was in such terrible condition when he was rescued four months ago. We thought it would take a long time for him to recover. 

We worked hard on his diet to reduce his bloated stomach and his skin was treated daily with natural remedies after the vet gave him Nexgard. 

Bertie is another example of a mange-ridden wild puppy destined to die who recovered within months of treatment.



Whitey - Before

Whitey was discovered at the market, covered in flea bites and severely afflicted with a bad case of mange. He had endured both bites and beatings.

Our team member took on the responsibility of caring for Whitey. Due to the highly contagious nature of the sarcoptic mange that he was afflicted with, he was confined to his cage.


Initially, his response to the treatment we administered was slow during the first couple of months. However, upon switching to Nexgard oral tablets, his recovery gained momentum. In addition to the medication, Whitey received a combination of vitamins, oils, skin creams, and a carefully curated diet to aid in his healing process.

Whitey with Mange
whitey 2.jpg

Whitey - After

The contrast between his current state and the pitiful condition we first discovered him in is truly remarkable. We remain unaware of the duration he spent wandering around in such a dire state before someone alerted us to his situation.

Whitey is now a highly spirited and exuberant young dog, brimming with playfulness and contentment in life.

Robert - Before

We were alerted to this poor suffering dog by a tourist who saw him outside the resort he was staying in. The resort owners threatened to poison him if he didn’t move away. He was immediately rescued by one of our staff who started his treatment. He was given Nexgard anti-parasite treatment, antibiotics and deworming treatment and a special shampoo. He was also given multivitamins and fish oil supplements with rice and fish.

Robert 1 - mange.jpg
Robert 2 months after

Robert - After

Robert after 2 months of treatment. It’s incredible to think he’s the same dog. His poor suffering body is now healed and covered in beautiful blonde fur.  Robert was able to use his back leg which he had constantly held up in pain. We were sure he was suffering from an old injury probably from a car or being kicked.   Robert is a very happy dog with no more pain or hunger.



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