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Rescuing Dogs

Rescuing a dog

Rescuing Dogs

4 people holding a dog in a net
Road accident dog
7eleven pups and mum
school dog trapped

We get many calls to rescue sick and injured dogs which is a very important part of our work.  Some rescues are heartbreaking, particularly with dogs suffering from broken backs and legs after being hit by a speeding car.

Some rescues are difficult, requiring team members to join together with locals and catch a sick or endangered dog.  Below are some of our successes, take a look at the pictures below too!

Our Outreach team caught a suffering dog with horrific TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour) who was living amongst stacked steel girders. During the rescue operation, our Outreach Manager got a nasty gash on her head whilst crawling under them. She ended up in the hospital to have it stitched and was ordered to rest. The dog was successfully trapped and brought into our healing centre for treatment.

We got a call asking us to collect a road accident dog who had been hit by speeding teenagers on their motorbike. 

They were injured by the impact and the dog suffered a broken spine.  We had to gently get the dog into a cage trying not to jar any part of his body and transport him to the vet.

Two dogs living behind 7-Eleven were trapped with three puppies. 
This was a difficult trap and neuter exercise as the dogs ran near a busy road with the possibility of being hit by a vehicle. Our small outreach team of three people were successful in catching all of them without incident.

Mummy dog and her friend were immediately neutered and later brought in to our Healing Centre with her pups.

We got a phone call from a teacher about a dog staggering in distress. 

Lin our Outreach Manager called her team and immediately went to the school. They found the dog and were shocked at the state of the poor animal. She had a nasty wound and was staggering unable to walk. It appeared she was brain damaged and their first thought was distemper.

The dog staggered into thick undergrowth where the team netted her and took her to the vet. She was tested positive for distemper and the virus had gone to her brain.  The poor suffering dog was put to sleep. 

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