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Rescuing Dogs

Rescuing a dog

Rescuing sick and injured dogs constitutes a crucial aspect of our work, and we receive numerous calls for such interventions. While it is rewarding to save these animals, some rescues are undeniably heart-wrenching, especially when we encounter dogs with broken backs and legs after being struck by speeding vehicles.

Additionally, certain rescues pose significant challenges, necessitating our team members to collaborate with local communities in capturing sick or endangered dogs. Despite the difficulties, these efforts have resulted in several successful rescues. We invite you to witness some of our triumphs below!

Rescuing Dogs

Black Tea

Black Tea experienced a harrowing collision with a speeding pickup truck, the impact being head-on as he raced with his friend. Regrettably, neither of the vehicles involved in the accident bothered to stop. The elderly monk responsible for Black Tea had to carry him off the road.

We promptly tended to his injuries. You may notice that his eye has sustained a rupture, rendering him blind in one eye. Additionally, he bears a deep gash on his neck, a severely fractured jaw, and labored breathing. His cries of agony were heart-wrenching when we came to his aid.

Remarkably, Black Tea managed to escape without a broken leg or, even worse, a ruptured spine. Our local veterinarian lacks the necessary X-ray equipment, so he strongly advised us to transport Black Tea urgently to a specialized veterinary facility located 100 kilometers away. Before embarking on the journey, Black Tea received anti-inflammatory and pain medications to alleviate his suffering.

Black tea at Vets.jpg
Panda in truck with Franze helping_edited_edited.jpg


Panda's story is a remarkable tale of resilience at our Healing Centre.


He suffered a severe spinal injury from a motorbike accident, leaving him with little hope of walking again and his incontinent. As he started his recovery through daily physiotherapy, his hind legs grew stronger, and his incontinence improved. Although his hind legs have become stiff, he can stand with assistance and even wag his tail.


While the future is uncertain, we believe that with dedication and patience, miracles can happen, considering he maintains some muscle strength in his legs.


We received an urgent SOS call about a dog that had collapsed in heavy rain. Upon examination, we discovered a severe wound on her back and injuries on her legs from a motorbike accident.

Since it was a Sunday and veterinary clinics were closed, we transported her to our Healing Centre and consulted our vet. He advised pain and infection-control injections and applied maggot powder to her wound, which yielded immediate results.

After maggot removal, we cleansed the deep wound, applied antiseptic cream, and securely bandaged it. Remarkably, the dog, now named "Princess," displayed remarkable resilience.

A subsequent vet examination revealed no broken bones, and the wound showed no signs of infection with healthy pink skin.

Princess found on side of road
rescue dogs

In Critical Condition

Our Outreach team achieved a successful rescue mission by saving a distressed dog afflicted with a horrific case of TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour). This suffering terrified dog was discovered amidst a pile of stacked steel girders and was in critical condition.

The dog we called Port was securely captured and taken to the vet for examination before being transported to our healing center. Port was joined by his mother who was also suffering from advanced TVT. They were both treated for 2 months before they showed signs of recovery.

Serious Cases

We received an urgent distress call regarding a dog injured in a traffic accident. This incident involved reckless teenagers on a motorcycle colliding with the unfortunate animal.

Both the adolescents and the dog we now call Fufu sustained injuries from the impact, with Fufu enduring a severe spinal injury. Our team responded to the scene with profound care and empathy.


We delicately secured Fufu in a custom-designed crate, taking great precautions not to cause any further harm to his already fragile body. Subsequently, we swiftly transported him to our trusted veterinarian for urgent medical care.

7eleven pups and mum

We stumbled upon a heartwarming scene behind our local 7-Eleven store: a family of two adult dogs and their three adorable puppies.


Ensuring the well-being of this furry family presented a unique challenge because they had a habit of wandering perilously close to a bustling road, putting them in constant danger of traffic accidents.


However, our dedicated outreach team, comprised of three devoted members, rose to the occasion and successfully secured the safety of all the dogs. Both the mother dog and her partner were promptly spayed and neutered, contributing to responsible pet population management. Subsequently, we transported them, along with their precious pups, to our Healing Center, where they will receive the necessary care and attention to thrive.

An urgent call from a concerned teacher led Lin, our Outreach Manager, to the school where they found a severely wounded dog in distress. The team suspected brain damage, possibly due to distemper. They skillfully captured the dog and took her to a vet, confirming her positive distemper status with irreversible brain damage. Due to her intense suffering and declining health, the difficult decision was made to euthanize her to end her pain.

school dog trapped
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