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Myla Update

Myla's Story Continues

9th February 2021


What a wonder puppy Myla is!

Back home after her major operation and in less than a week she's standing firmly in her harness. Every day she gets a little bit stronger. It's going to take a long time to get her withered back legs strong enough to take a few steps.

We're ready for the challenge. So is Myla.

14th February 2021


This is how Myla does her morning exercises!

Oh no not again! Do I have to! Oh well I'll take it easy Or maybe have a little shut eye! Great...finished!

25th March 2021


Myla had a big day yesterday.

We took her back to the vet who operated on her hips for a check-up. Poor little pup shook and panted all the way, on my lap cos she knew where we were going.

Before her appointment, we stopped off for lunch at a lovely restaurant by the sea. Myla was allowed to hop around the garden before she settled down under the table!

On entering the clinic there was a welcome chorus of Nong Myla (Little Myla) from the staff who cared for her.

I told the vet that Myla started to dislike being massaged about a week ago. I was concerned something may be wrong with the pins in her hips. Also, her left back leg is still very weak at the knee joint, so I wanted to know what could be done to strengthen it.

The vet was very surprised when Myla stood up unaided as he didn't believe she would ever use her back legs again. Not now though. She reacted with a squeal when he pinched her back feet to test her feeling. 


Myla had another x-ray taken to compare with the one after her operation. Everything was OK. Nothing had moved and there was no swelling from infection. I was told to stop massaging her and take her swimming to build up her thigh muscles.

He confirmed Myla has a chance to walk or hop on her own with constant exercise in her back harness and swimming. Happily, the sea is just a few 100 meters away.

On arriving back home Myla was ecstatic. She couldn't wait to play with Cass and Judy her 2 foster parents!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help Myla on her long road to recovery. Her operation cost over $480.00 which was considerable but worth every $ as she has the chance to use her back legs.

And a big Thank You, to you all who donated to help us buy her a standing wheelchair to help exercise her back legs.

2nd April 2021


2 weeks ago I posted Myla's first hops. Now She's much stronger and knows exactly where she wants to hop to...back to Mum!

Try again one more time! Myla knows the routine now and is doing so well. I'm holding her up a little bit but She's pushing up with all her strength.

Way to go Myla. Love you. You are much loved little one.

16th April 2021


We were told Myla would never walk again. Take a look you qualified vets. Myla has the will and so do we.

Taken just now before Myla has even used her walking frame. After a few weeks using her it to get her back legs stronger she'll be running around!

At Headrock Dogs we Never say never.

1st May 2021

Myla has been busy over the last 2 weeks. She came on heat much to our surprise. We've been so busy getting her strong and mobile we overlooked that she's growing into a young lady very quickly. She's due to be spayed in a couple of weeks.

Myla has stopped hopping and is teaching herself to walk. She's wobbly cos her knees bend the wrong way. But she's trying very hard to move both legs independently.

I want to buy a treadmill for her so I can help her move in a more controlled way. I don't know how much they are but any donations would be wonderful. Also, advice on the best type of treadmill would be great. It must have a slow setting.

Water is a big NO. Myla's terrified of it.

19th May 2021


'Myla will never walk again so don't let her have an operation to put back her 2 dislocated hips' That was the prognosis we got from 2 'qualified' vet's.

But our special cases vet said with the operation she would have a much better chance of walking again.

This video says it all. Myla walks much better with her back harness. Not because I'm holding it (as loosely as possible) but because I can stop her from walking so fast.

The short clip shows her somewhat uncontrolled walk without a harness. That's because she's rushing.

Myla still has a long way to go. But we'll never give up and neither will Myla.


Love you little angel.

26th May 2021


We're in shock. We could have lost our beautiful Myla.

Myla took us by surprise when she came on heat. We've been waiting to have her neutered for weeks but her vulva has been very swollen. Each visit to the vet ended in him assuring us this was normal and to wait until the swelling went down. It didn't.

Today we took Myla to be neutered and what the vet found shocked him. Picture 1 of Myla's horribly infected uterus will be covered. Only look if you are used to medical sights.

Our concerns weren't unfounded. An infection had got inside Myla's swollen vulva because of her disability. She bumps along the ground on her bottom when she makes trips to the garden to relieve herself. I use wipes to clean her but obviously, they weren't strong enough to kill the infection.

Once inside her, the infection travelled up to her uterus. I don't think her condition can be described as Pyometra as that infection happens internally due to hormones.

She's resting on her rug and has eaten her dinner. I have every confidence she will recover well. What shocked us was Myla showed no signs of discomfort or pain. Thank heavens we were determined to get her neutered now. Her condition was life-threatening.

29th May 2021


My heart is bursting with happiness and pride. Only 4 days after Myla's life-saving operation she's starting to get up and walk on her own.

The vet told me to keep Myla in an enclosed area but she wanted to go out. I thought I'd let her relieve herself but she wanted to play.

Then she got up on her back legs and you can see the rest on the video.

I haven't taken Myla out on her harness since her operation. For 4 days she's had no exercise. But in the morning I've seen her walk short distances on her own several times.

Once her operation wound has healed well I'll start giving her more exercise to make her back legs stronger.

Myla is a wonder. I knew the possibility of her walking would be hard but her will to walk is so strong.

18th June 2021

Another major step forward for Myla. She took her first walkabout outside the house down to the beach.


I thought she might turn tail and run back into the house but the smells were so enticing she didn't care.


Myla hopped and walked too fast as usual but she didn't falter. Notice when she pricked her ears. That's when she saw the rest of her family coming off the beach.


They said a quick hello and Myla set off at full speed back to the house. She never ceases to amaze me.

1st September 2021


Given to us as a tiny paraplegic puppy who had been bitten by a monkey and been dragging herself around for several months. We were told she'll never walk again.

Fast forward 8 months and Myla has overcome every obstacle in her way. She had a major operation to put her 2 dislocated hips back in their sockets. She nearly died from an infected uterus found when she was being neutered. Now she's recovering from a urinary tract infection with a temperature of 39.9.

Her determination and bravery pull her through every time. Myla can walk on her spindly back legs. It took months of try try try again but slowly she became stronger and more balanced.

Her latest obstacle is the treadmill I bought for her. She was terrified the first 3 times I put her on it. But slowly she became more familiar with it. I can now walk away from her (not too far) when she's standing on it.

Myla enjoys pounding along with her front legs while I gently support her back ones. It works and she's getting stronger. She has a big smile on her face with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth!

Myla is a joy to us. She never gives up and she's a very brave little dog... I was making funny noises when taking these pictures!!


Come back and check for further updates

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