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6-9 years

It's tragic how beautiful old boy Thor was so cruelly chained and left at the temple with his female partner. His owners then flew back home overseas.

We believe Thor is a Doberman Pincer and probably about 8 years old (Jan 2023), weighing approximately 35 kilos.

Thor has remained very affectionate and gets on well with all his temple companions but he is averse to any treatment such as shampoo, eye wash and foot wash. However, I'm confident that over time he will regain his trust.

To the right person who shows him patience and love, Thor will be a wonderful companion and fantastic guard dog. Even at the temple he barks at strangers. Due to his tragic situation, we will require any potential adopter to visit Thor to start the bonding process before we will release him.

Thor was neutered recently and is due to be vaccinated soon.

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