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0-3 years


Bertie joined us in early Novemeber 2021

Seen by us running into the undergrowth suffering from terrible mange and an eye wound. Caught by a wonderful woman who fed him at our request and who took him to the vet. He's not blind as we first thought but if we hadn’t treated it, he could've become so.

He has his own little house donated by a local dog lover. We call him Bertie. We separated him from our other pups in case he had any contagious diseases. We treated his eye and his mange with antibiotics. 

After 2 weeks Bertie  slowly improved. He was a very sad little puppy. You can see a tear in one of the pics. His almost blind right eye is opened wider with daily treatment and the white cloudy iris in his left eye  also improved.

Bertie's extremely distended bloated stomach ws due to a lack of water. The vet said his stomach was full of food and his intestines were full of poop. We gave him soup regularly and milk which helped alleviate his constipation. He was very hot with a temperature of 39.8 C which is probably due to his bad skin condition. We wrapped wet towels around him for several minutes every day to help cool him. 


Bertie recovered very well. He now has a beautiful soft coat and his eyes have improved but his eyes have improved. His fur is reappearing soft and silky all over his body with our daily coconut oil and cedarwood spray treatment. He's grown into a very handsome boy. 

6 months on Bertie has made great friends with Chabba and Duan who share his pen. They play together and live in harmony. 

He would love a long term sponsor to keep him happy and loved.

Please sponsor me!

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