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0-3 years

Lamai is a very affectionate, striking and energetic dog who loves human company.  She has a beautiful glossy black coat which is like velvet and she possibly has some pedigree blood in her.  She would make a great addition to a family with children who she’d love to play with.

She was hit by a car and left running on 3 legs in great pain near a dangerously busy road when we rescued her.  Lamai didn’t have an operation but only cage rest for a month until her cracked leg and dislocated hip healed which has left her with a slight limp.

 She is very friendly with every dog she meets so would be a great addition to a family that already has a dog but she's never met a cat!  Lamai is about 18 months old (Feb 2024) and is neutered and fully vaccinated.

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