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COVID-19 Support and Appeal

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Covid-19 Support and Appeal

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on our way of life, this pandemic is causing disruption worldwide and at Headrock Dogs Rescue. This virus outbreak is dramatically impacting our fundraising efforts and ability to care for the stray dogs of Thailand. 

At Headrock, we rescue and rehabilitate stray dogs, offering them new homes via adoption while running education programs to the surrounding community and aiding in the support of temple and street dogs.

We have over 400 dogs in our ‘Saving Thailands Forgotten Dogs' program who need feeding. All these dogs are either Temple or street dogs who lead very hard lives.  Our budget doesn't meet their needs and we desperately need funds. If we can't feed them they might steal food or kill chickens and get poisoned.


“We have calls to help injured or sick dogs nearly every day. Several of these dogs need expensive operations and long in stay care. The bills are often over $400 - $1000 which is well in excess of our budget.” -  Verity Cattanach Poole, Headrock Dogs Rescue co-owner.

Without your help, we can't help them and they will eventually die or be killed. We already have enough deaths in the world please help us keep them safe. Saving Thailands forgotten dogs is our prerogative, but we can’t do it without you!

Please Donate using our donation page or via PayPal. Alternatively, you can share this page online and through social media to raise awareness of our charity and to show your support using #HeadrockAppealCV19.


Please get in touch with us on +66 (0) 89 028 3787 for further information on how you can offer hundreds of desperate dogs support during this difficult time.

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