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9+ years


In 2017 Sukanya became very ill.  Her eye became cloudy and she couldn't see well. The following day her eye became worse and she started staggering. We rushed her to the vet who thought she'd been hit hard on her side which we knew was impossible. She stopped eating, her breathing became laboured and she was bringing up bile. Then she collapsed and we thought she was going to die.

We rushed her to our emergency vet 100kms from us. Sukanya was x-rayed showing her left lung was badly infected and her stomach was twisted. That’s why she couldn’t eat and was bringing up bile. The vet gave her oxygen to help her breathe more easily. Sukanya's condition was similar to a road accident or a hard hit on her side. But neither incident had occurred.

Sukanya was prepared for a dangerous operation to untwist her stomach and we were warned that she may not survive. Miraculously the day before her operation she started to eat. The vet immediately took an x-ray to confirm her stomach had untwisted itself. Sukanya remained an inpatient for 5 more days to monitor her progress.

Soon, Sukanya started to put on a lot of weight. She wasn't eating excessively but neither was she exercising. A volunteer vet believed she was suffering from Cushing's disease, which can be life-threatening. Sukanya would need to travel 400km to Bangkok to undergo tests. Sadly we have limited resources to undertake this. However, Sukanya has shown no discomfort despite her condition but we monitor her health regularly.

Sukanya would love someone to sponsor her in her twilight years.

Please sponsor me!

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