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9+ years


Poor Precious was dumped at the local temple when she was a tiny defenseless puppy. She was bitten badly on her face causing an abecess which had to be removed. Precious was no longer able to open her mouth more than a few inches. We brought her to our Healing Centre where she was vulnarable and not eating well. We finally brought her into our house where she now (2022) lives 12 years later. Precious has had a bumpy road in life. She is blind in one eye following a branch scratching it. However, this accident has not limited her mobility. 

Precious continues to have difficulty in eating due to her locked jaw. She has had most of her teeth extracted and now uses her tongue to eat her food. 

Precious is an old dog who has defied death when a puppy and has recoverd remarkably from her many misshaps. 

Please consider sponsoring this long suffering old dog in her twilight years.

Please sponsor me!

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