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9+ years


Pramon was thrown into the Temple puppy pen along with his 2 sisters. They were 3 weeks old and extreamely weak so we took them back to our healing centre for monitoring their condition. They were suffering from diarrhea and high fevers and needed lots of medication. Sadly, one of his sisters had Encephalitis and passed away. 

Pramon was not strong either and suffered from a weak heart and chronic skin conditions.  The carpals on his front feet  slowly collapesed over time. There are very few surgeons in Thailand who can perform this complex surgery and even then, the chance of a successful recovery isn’t good. The pads on his back feet were full of lesions which must have made his feel as though he was walking on glass. We regulerly sprayed  gentian violet on his pads to help heal the sores.

All Pramon’s extremities were sore and painful, the tip of his tail  and ears,  around his eyse, nose and mouth were all affected. His mouth was so painful he could hardly open it to eat.  As you can imagine he was in a lot of pain. We believed that he has a skin condition called Discoid Lupus which is brought on by the sun: not ideal when you live in Thailand.

We have been treating his condition with vitamin B complex and B12 for many years. He has a special diet of rice with fish, fish oil and calcium which has helped improve the condition. As a precaution, we use sun protection too. Thankfully his condition has improved greatly.

During 2016 Pramon’s teeth rotted and it was very difficult for him to eat even soft rice. We took him to the vet who operated and removed about 12 teeth leaving his molars and canine teeth.  Now Pramon can even chew coconut husks which he loves to do!

Pramon’s about 12 years (2022) old now and happy with his life here at the healing centre walking around on the soft soil and playing with coconuts.

His condition remains stable and we have a health program for him which keeps his skin outbreaks under control.

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