9+ years


My name is Panee and I was dumped along with my sister Ankhana as a tiny puppy in the puppy pen at The Temple.

Ankhana was naughty and kept climbing out of the puppy pen. She was in danger of being mauled by the bigger dogs. At the same time I fell ill with a high temperature. Tests revealed I was suffering from blood parasites caused by ticks.

Headrock Dogs brought us both to their centre to keep us safe in their puppy pen. We stayed for several months until I recovered fully. We thought it would be fun to return to our friends: but it wasn’t and we had a pretty miserable time back at the temple. The bigger dogs bullied us. It wasn’t long before we were both covered in fleas which was so dangerous for me having just recovered from a blood parasite attack.

In 2014 we were both brought back to live at Headrock Dogs and settled in very quickly and I loved it! I was never going to be frightened of being attacked again as the dogs here are so friendly.

When I was younger I was so beautiful with a long auburn coat but slowly something terrible started to happen to my skin. At first my ears became tender and infected. It was excruciating to have them cleaned. Then my feet became red and painful.

Slowly the infection started to attack my body. I came out in red, angry blotches all over my body. I was always hot and I often had a very high temperature. The vet said I a hormone problem and a fungal infection. He gave me lots of medicine which did help me feel better for a short while, but as soon as I finished the course of medicine the red angry blotches returned.

Headrock Dogs use natural treatments that they’ve developed themselves. I have a daily wash of turmeric, honey, green tea and cider vinegar which all help to clam my skin. And it’s very cooling too. When the sores on my feet flair up they are treated with gentian violet. This helps to dry up the sores so I can walk more comfortably.

The vet said my condition is called Atopic Dermatitis and I’m allergic to lots of things in the environment. I’m lucky to have a special diet of rice, fish, eggs and vegetables together with multi-vitamins and fish oil. I feel much better and am getting a little fat now. Before when I was in a lot of pain, I would just lie still all day. Now with my special diet and natural treatments I love to roam around and take turns in the many different beds available.

Being shy I tend to bark at new volunteers for several days before I start to feel confident around them. I don’t mean to be so noisy: it’s my way of communicating how I’m feeling. Please don’t let this put you off me, once I get to know and trust you I can be very affectionate.

As I’m a senior dog I’m likely to spend the rest of my life here, unless someone with lots of experience with timid dogs like me wants to adopt me.

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