9+ years


My name is Jintana and I was found at the Temple with my 2 week old brother and sister:, close to death from starvation. My brother and sister grew into beautiful fluffy dogs and were quickly adopted, leaving me behind.  I was a bit shy and snappy with people I wasn’t sure about. I grew into a very elegant young lady with distinct markings and colouring and long legs. However despite lots of yummy rice, fish, eggs and vegetables, vitamins and oils every day I remained rather thin; but my excellent diet does help keep my immune system healthy.

Sadly over the past 2 years I’ve developed Atopic Dermatitis leaving me with red, sore skin. I have a daily green tea wash and then honey and sesame seed oil is rubbed into my sores. If my skin is really sore I do have a tiny bit of steroid cream. I’m a good girl and don’t scratch my skin so we don’t have to deal with any nasty infections.

It’s a vicious cycle: I get a bit better, then my skin turns red again and I lose my fur again. My vet thinks I might have some hormonal problems too as I’m getting older: I’m 9 years old now.  My mum lives here too and she’s had terrible skin problems for many years, so it;s possible my condition is hereditary.

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