9+ years


My name is Hope and my story with Headrock Dogs began 29 June 2017 when a Thai lady found me dumped in a dry canal bed.

Some time ago my back was broken: I was cared for by someone, but I can’t remember who they were. They had helped me as I didn’t have any sores or grazes from dragging myself around: maybe that person died or had to leave Thailand? Then a horrible person threw me away into the dry canal bed and left me to die with one of my front legs broken. If that wasn’t enough I was on heat and I had no chance of defending myself from the male dogs in the neighbourhood.  After being left there for several days, the vet said by the time I was found my broken leg couldn’t be operated on.

On my arrival to Headrock Dogs I had a temperature of 39.9 C. I was given lots of electrolytes, pain killers and my front leg was bandaged. I was in terrible pain, but I knew Verity was trying to help me so I looked away and let her do what she needed to do. I slept on a comfortable bed for the first time in my life. Despite my pain, it was bliss.  After 3 days Verity realised that my broken front leg was too serious for her to treat.

As you can imagine, being unable to run around like all the other dogs has left me feeling very depressed. Will I ever lead a normal life again? I hope so.

Verity and Thep took me on a long, 200km drive to a large veterinary hospital.  My front leg was x-rayed.  Devastatingly I was told that I needed to have my front leg amputated, leaving me with only one good leg. My future looks so bleak. My amputation went OK and I managed to sit up. I’ve been living in plaster support to help realign my spine and see if it helps my legs in any way, but it has left me with nasty sores.

Two weeks after I was found unable to move in that dry canal bed and then taken to hospital to have my leg amputated Verity and Thep took me back to Headrock Dogs Rescue: my new home. I was still very nervous, painfully thin and my poor legs were covered in sores. Verity is so patient with me: I let her dress my wounds as I know she’s doing everything she can to help me.

Three days later Thep carefully removed my stitches. He said I was a very good girl, laying still throughout the entire procedure. My wound has healed well and the infection has gone. I’m not out of the woods yet though, I still have some terribly infected sores on my inner thighs. Despite my apparent paralysis, my muscles are strong and Headrock Dogs have not given up on me. Hope is my name and my nature.

I’ve been told that I’m strong-willed, determined and amazing to watch. If I want to climb onto my bed I want to do it myself. To get up onto my bed I use my front leg and the shoulder of my amputated leg to push my back legs around. Sorry, Verity for nearly biting you when you removed the very sticky plaster from my back legs: it hurt. This is a good sign as it suggests I have feelings in them.

My recovery is a rollercoaster. I finished my course of pain killers and I’m still in pain. When Verity tries to clean me up I have been snarling at her and baring my teeth: I know she’s doing her best for me.

I have an appointment soon with one of Thailand’s leading brain specialists. Verity is worried that my trapped spinal cord could lead to many different problems in addition to my paralysis. I do have mood changes and I don’t know why so hopefully he can explain everything.

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