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3-6 years


Peanut and Crystal both small dogs (8 - 10ks) who have the sweetest, softest natures and are loved by all who meet them.


Peanut was hit by a car when looking for food for her puppies.  Her back was broken but she dragged herself back to her puppies.  We rescued her and her puppies were adopted.


Crystal was dumped on the road as a tiny puppy with 11 other tiny pups including her 2 sisters.  They all got adopted and left Crystal behind and she became very depressed.


We put these 2 sweet small young pups together and they bonded immediately.  That was in 2017 and they've been inseparable ever since.  If we separated them as it would break their hearts.  So we're looking for a compassionate  person who'd love to Sponsor them both.


Peanut is not high maintenance.  Peanut has her own wheelchair which she loves and Crystal is always by her side.


Please sponsor me!

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