3-6 years


We found Chabba lying on the road covered in blood and unconscious. We rushed her to the vet, as we arrived she started to regain consciousness.

The vet gave her a thorough examination and found no major injuries although was a little concerned that she might have suffered a minor brain injury. After a few more tests he felt that Chabba was OK and we’d be able to take her back to the healing centre.

Heavily sedated we took Chabba back. After a speedy recovery which amazed us all Chabba is well and an extremely lucky dog to be with us today.

Learning to trust is a slow process.

Since the moment Chabba regained full consciousness when arriving back at the healing centre, She has been a nervous and skittish dog. We think she may have brain damage as she doesn’t seem to be able to remember people very well after only a few days of absence. Once in a while, Chabba will let one of the volunteers give her a treat but it usually takes a few days or coaxing her. 

We decided that it would be best that the healing centre would become Chabba’s forever home.

Chabba is very happy in her pen that she shares with her best friend Freddie who is blind. There is plenty of space for them to run up and down. There are puppies on the other side of the fence that play with Chabba constantly.

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