0-3 years


Bertie joined us in early Novemeber.

Seen by us running into the undergrowth suffering from terrible mange and an eye wound.

Caught by a wonderful woman who feeds him at our request and who had taken him to the vet. He's not blind as we first thought but if we hadn’t treated it, he could've become so.

Now he's with us in his own little house donated by a local dog lover. We call him Bertie.

We've separated him from our other pups in case he has any contagious diseases. We're treating his eye and his mange and he's on antibiotics. Bertie is eating well and very comfortable.

Bertie has been with us for almost 2 weeks and he's slowly improving. But he's a very sad little puppy. He misses his Mum and brother who also has a very bad skin condition. You can see a tear in one of the pics.We asked the lady who caught Bertie if she could catch his brother too and bring him in for treatment. Bertie would be so much happier then.

His almost blind right eye is opening wider with daily treatment and the white cloudy iris in his left eye is also improving.

Bertie's extremely distended bloated stomach is due to a lack of water. The vet said his stomach is full of food and his intestines are full of poop. We're giving him soup regularly and milk and help alleviate his constipation. The poor little boy must be feeling very uncomfortable. He is very hot with a temperature of 38.8 C which is probably due to his bad skin condition. We wrap wet towels around him for several minutes every day which help cool him. He's also taking anti-biotics.


His bad skin condition could be from Demodectic mange, pyoderma, dermatitis or fungal. We're wiping his skin with coconut oil and cedarwood treatment daily and it's improving a lot.

Now another week on...

Bertie is recovering very well. His eyes are improving with daily drops but sadly his injured eye will always remain half-closed. What's important is that he has vision in this eye. His fur is reappearing soft and silky all over his body with our daily coconut oil and cedarwood spray treatment.

He's still shy but moving around his pen much more. He even barks at Chabba a dog in the next pen who loves puppies. She wants to be friends but Bertie isn't sure.

We see him waiting at his pen gate when he hears us coming with his food but he runs back to his little house before we arrive. Then he's out in seconds gobbling up his food. His distended stomach which concerned us is now almost back to its normal size and lots of soup with his food has eradicated his constipation.

In only 3 weeks Bertie has made remarkable progress both physically and emotionally. He's a sweet puppy who was destined to live a life of terror and hardship if we hadn't rescued him. He may also have become blind. We're still hoping to catch his brother to give him the same chance as Bertie.

He would love a long term sponsor to keep him happy and loved.

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